I was nominated for the Liebster Award!


Thanks so much to Sabina from Library of Cats for nominating me for this award!

The Liebster Award is targeted towards bloggers with less than 200 followers, in order for us to learn about each other and our wonderful community. I think this is a great idea and a wonderful opportunity to interact with the fabulous bookworms in the blogosphere!

Part of being nominated means answering the 11 questions posed by the nominator – so here are my answers!

What or who inspires you to create? My answer depends on what I’m creating. When it comes to writing, generally it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and a need to put words together on the page. When it comes to painting, my inspiration comes from the nature of colors and the songs they sing. When it comes to book-binding, I’m inspired by my professor from university who taught our book-binding class. And when it comes to writing music, it’s usually boredom.

How do you handle a creative block? I read, listen to music, or find art in the world. If I’m trying to create something of my own and it’s not working, I dive right into others’ creations for a while, and usually that helps me get my spark back.

Do you have a favorite writer or artist? For writing – oh, that’s hard. Either Carlos Ruiz Zafon, J.D. Salinger, T.S. Eliot, or Ernest Hemingway. I’m going to have to say, for art, it’s Julianne Swartz.

If you had a childhood pet, what was the first one? I did! We had a Yorkshire Terrier named Reggie (which was short for “The Reginald’s Crowning Touch” – we didn’t name him). He was the sweetest, though not the brightest bulb in the box.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what kind of stuffing do you prefer? I don’t really like my food to touch or mix? Which is weird, I know. So I don’t like stuffing.

Do you have a favorite charity and why? I’m going to have to say Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, because they’re great and they do a lot for the animal community around here.

If you went on a year-long trip around the world and could only bring one luxury item, what would it be and why? It would definitely be my laptop – my thinking is that I wouldn’t have my phone, because my plan would be too expensive, so that way I could upload all of my photos and also blog about the journey.

Are you a collector? If yes, what? If no, why not? I collect books, postcards from places I’ve been and from places my friends have been, and rubber ducks. Also, I collect flowers made out of things that aren’t flowers (feathers, metal, wood, chocolate, etc).

Which season: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? The weather in autumn is sublime.

Name one person no longer living you wish you could have spent time with. I’m going to go ahead and say… my first instinct is to say Shakespeare, but I know our meeting wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Gertrude Stein. I would have wanted to spend some time with Gertrude Stein.

Cat or Dog? I want to adopt a cat so terribly.


Now that I’ve answered my questions, it’s time to get to the nominating!

Here are the rules!

  • Link & thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you.
  • Tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers.
  • Ask the 11 bloggers you nominated 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!


Here are my 11 nominees: 

1. Tessa from Tessellated Tales

2. Chelsea from Chels & a Book

3. Holly from Bookaholic Confessions

4. Charmaine from Storybook Town

5 & 6. Both Ashley and Veronica from City Girl Scapes

7 & 8. Both Ashley and Katie from After the Last Page

9. Shannon from For the Love of Words

10. Ramblings of an Elfpire

11. Confessions of a Bookaholic

All of these individuals have fabulous blogs and you should definitely check them out.


And finally, here are the questions for my nominees to answer:

1. What is the one book that every human should read before they die?

2. If you could meet any author, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

3. What’s the one thing that will automatically turn you off from a book?

4. Who is your fictional doppleganger (what fictional character would be you if you were from a book)?

5. Where is your favorite place to read and why?

6. If you were to write a memoir about some aspect of your life, what would you call it?

Now for the non-book questions!

7. What flavor of ice cream would you be, and why?

8. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

9. What’s your Patronus memory (the happiest memory you can think of)?

10. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

11. What superpower would you want to have and why?


Thanks again to Sabina for the nomination! And to all of my fellow bloggers – let’s keep bloggin’ away.


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