Top Ten Tuesday: Book Cover Trends


Top Ten Tuesday is a book blogging meme that was created by The Broke and the Bookish. I’ve noticed that a number of people I follow participate in TTT every week, and I wanted to join in on the fun. This week’s topic: top ten book cover trends I like or dislike!

I’ve linked each cover to the book’s Goodreads page, should any of them be eye-catching. And the books on the “dislike” numbers – I didn’t necessarily dislike the book! Or I won’t dislike it on principle! I just don’t like the cover.

1. Like: Unclear faces. So many covers feature characters with faces that aren’t detailed or distinguishable – which allows me to imagine the characters however I want to, mostly. I think this is a great advantage to these covers.

wewereliarscover  loveletterscover  howtomeetboyscover

2. Like: Backs of heads. Similar to unclear faces, though this is when a character is seen on the cover, but faces the opposite direction from the reader. I just think it’s funny that you can look at a bookshelf and see cover after cover of an indistinguishable backwards-facing person.

everythingleadscover  strangesweetsongcover  tlfcover

3. Like: Feet. (I’m sensing a trend here within these trends). When feet – or legs – play a vital part of the cover image. I like this trend simply because it’s not faces. Also, because the feet/footware usually (though not always) play an important role in the story somehow.

cindercover  lbccover  dkcover

4. Like: One-word titles. Short. Enticing. To the point.

salvagecover  pointecover  teasecover

5. Like: Item-based covers. Similar to my point about the feet – it’s fun to see what the cover-designer deemed most important as an item. These items usually play an important role in the story or have some sort of symbolism behind them.

exilecover  rbcover  artofsecretscover

6. Like: Script-based fonts. I’ve got no real reason for this except they’re SO PRETTY.

thcover  bfcover  sfscover

7. Like: Cartoons. They bring a touch of character, and they make books stand out on a shelf against a hundred books with actual humans on the covers.

thisonesummercover  loveforeigncover  guycover

8. Dislike: Shadowy couples. PLEASE. NO. STOP.

nowandforevercover  jodcover  witwtcover

9. Dislike: Girls in ball gowns. Like, ooooh, another girl in a ball gown. What does this tell me about the book? Absolutely nothing.

windupcover  onecover  threatscover

10. Dislike: Ugly fonts. This one’s not really a current trend – it’s an always trend. I just get really annoyed by poor font choice. And yes, I know “ugly” is severely objective.

sekretcover  deepbluecover  tiscover

What do you think? What are you favorite book cover trends? Which ones make you cringe?




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