It’s time I made a proper blog.

After all, I’m moving out into the world. My adolescent days of tumbling are long over, and as I take the step from the world of university to the real world (read: unemployment), I figure it’s time to take a step up and create a name for myself in the blogosphere (even if that name is just… my name).

So here it is, the cheesy introduction post, the one no one’s been waiting for: I’m Tara Olivero, I’m an English major in a complicated relationship with WORDS and LIFE and everything that comes along with those two great things, and I’ve only just realized that “English major” will only define me for another two weeks or so, so it’s a good thing I’m making this post now. I sense an identity crisis forthcoming. See? Complicated relationship.

In all actuality, I’m probably only making this blog as an excuse to procrastinate on my honors thesis. I love writing it, as it’s been a nice foray back into the world of academia after a semester student teaching and interacting with only thirteen-year-olds on a regular basis, but for some reason my four years’ worth of procrastination has left its mark. Two weeks, shmoo weeks, I’ll get this paper done eventually. It will even be better if I put it off, I’m sure. (That’s a lie. But maybe if I say it enough times, it will come true?)

But as the clock slowly ticks on and I feel the sun shift and the tides change, I know it’s time for me to get back to work. I’m sure a future blog post will spotlight my thesis, so I won’t say more on that subject just yet. Instead, I guess I should finish writing it. Ha.